Hugs With Horses

G’day, my name is Chris Fenech, I have always been a battler, I have my own story to tell as does everyone else in this world…

I’ve always tried my best and worked hard since I was a young man, with many ups and downs while mostly trying to enjoy and focus on the personal successes I’ve experienced in a variety of professions along the way, and for this I am grateful…and now I own my own business which means I can offer a variety of services driven by my need to feed my family financially but also feed my sincere passion to help others.

It is this freedom of owning my own business which leads me to this new service which relates to Equine Therapy for those suffering with mental health issues whereby me and my horses may be able to assist with… if you think you may benefit from working with me and my horses please do not hesitate to call anytime to discuss.

I’ve decided I will call this service Hugs With Horses – available to all ages, male or female. My mobile is +61-2 0419 977 542 … if you or your friends or loved ones need help ask the question, R U OK? …and suggest they call me if you think we can help.

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