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HWH Stables commenced operation in 2013 and is owned and operated by Chris Fenech, the location of the Riding School and departure points for the River & Rainforest Rides are from the picturesque family property located within the Orara Valley, 15 minutes west of Coffs Harbour at 267 Dairyville Road, Upper Orara NSW.

HWH Stables also operates its business along the 6kms of pristine shoreline of Boambee Beach, with its Beach Ride Meeting Point located behind the Deep Sea Fishing Club on Jordan Esplanade, Coffs Harbour within the Jetty Foreshore precinct.

Chris has enjoyed a long career working commercially with horses, as an instructor in Sydney to the management of Kimberley cattle stations in the Far North of WA. His passion and care for horses coupled with his enjoyment in educating people to be the best they can be as both a rider and a horse handler is what drives Chris.

HWH Stables has enjoyed a highly successful introduction into the tourism industry in the Coffs Coast and Hinterland regions recently winning a Sunny’s Business award. As an ongoing gesture, guests consistently reward HWH Stables with wonderful testimonials and its repeat visitors from afar and regular riders from the local area is a significant part of the business.

As a horseman, Chris Fenech has developed his own unique approach to working with horses that he enjoys sharing this knowledge with his students, his methods are a collection of theories and techniques re-developed and derived from some of the greatest horsemen from around the US & Australia. Practical knowledge made unique by Chris by his observations of individual horses’ needs and application of what is required to develop a relationship using processes involving pressure and release while being highly sensitive, aware and guided by the horses’ overall fear and anxiety levels, there is no “whispering” involved, just a whole lot of care, love, mutual respect, body language, common sense and a genuine desire to ensure “there is something in it for the horse” at every step of the way.

As an instructor, each student is introduced by Chris to a unique method of teaching using a checklist, as the rider develops their skills from the basic application and practice of rider biomechanics, while controlling the horse's speed and direction through all gaits, this checklist approach expands into more advanced areas of the riders use of effective rein and leg aids, responsive hands, developing an intuitive feel and an independent balanced seat while being in tune with the horses energy levels, focus and overall control. Creating harmony between horse and rider, while creating an athletic, strong “at-the-ready-rider” that can confidently ride all manner of horses in whatever chosen discipline for both work or play.

HWH Stables horses are now loved by many, and for many people they have either been the first horse ride or first time to canter or been there to help a guest fulfil a life-long dream… every HWH Stables’ horse has a story to tell, …from being saved from slaughter, to requiring rehabilitation due to poor health …or starting young horses, restarting teenage horses …and rehoming of racehorses deemed too dangerous, while for some educated performance horses a time to slowly retire from a fast-paced sporting career. All of HWH Stables’ horses are fit, well trained and operate together as a kind and sweet natured herd, only too happy to assist their riders through some of Australia’s most scenic landscapes.

Caring for the HWH Stables herd is one of Australia’s leading Equine Veterinary & Dental professionals, Oliver Liyou who praises the care provided by Chris to his herd of horses, remarking that “they are all treated like pets”, Oliver also put HWH Stables forward as his personal selection for the Presents For Ponies scheme that rewards working horses across Australia.

Our exciting tours are now well established and we are always developing new experiences for both our visiting guests from afar, our regular local riders and those committed to learning as a student.

We hope this brings to light the care, passion and dedication we have to delivering our guests an experience like no other, and we look forward to welcoming you soon to HWH Stables.

For more information please contact us on +61-2 6653 8791 or 0419 977 542 or via email at chris@hwhstables.com.au or post to 267 Dairyville Road, Upper Orara, NSW 2450, Australia. Please also visit our page on Facebook to learn more and to read our customer reviews which are also available on TripAdvisor and Google.

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