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First off, I would like to say a big thank you to Chris for lending me Brandy and Rocky. Together you have both taught me more about horse care and how to handle them in a safe and lovable environment. I am now much more confident with my riding. Getting me over my fears going up and down hills as well getting me into my first canter on both Rocky and Brandy. I have never ridden along the beach or the road until now, it felt amazing. Heartfelt thank you to Chris (Instructor) and the Fenech family. Jammie Hill
I work long hours and don't get a lot of time off so decided to go back horse riding after 30 years. BEST DECISION I EVA MADE!!! BEST INSTRUCTOR ALIVE!!! Thankyou Chris for your time you put into every one of us and your amazing care and kindness you have for us and the love you have for your horses. You are amazing and we are lucky you moved here. Stuck with us!!. Karlene Weldon
Hayley's first lesson with Chris Fenech, I recommend anyone that wants to learn horsemanship to take their kids to Chris at Upper Orara, I've been around a long time and don't think I've come across anyone with the knowledge and skills like Chris has, Hayley and I learnt so much in one session, he has a great safe set up for kids and his horses are well educated for learners. Lyn Thompson
He is amazing hey works so well with the kids. Rebekah Duck
The amazing trust Breanna learnt today was so beautiful. I am so proud of her. Words will never be enough to thank you Chris Fenech for the life lessons we learnt today, feeling proud. Amanda Gill Williams
My friend Elle Gardner and I really enjoy learning from Chris Fenech! Thank you so much! Mariana Kuprijanova
We are so lucky. Learning some very cool stuff. I have complete respect. Inhale Eagles
Awesome day today riding on the beach. Rachel Vercoe

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