Terms and Conditions

  1. Helmets, the wearing of helmets is compulsory. If the rider declines to wear a helmet or removes the helmet for any reason HWH Stables is in no way responsible for any injury that results from not wearing a helmet.
  2. Riding Experience, please provide accurate information relating to the number of times the rider has ridden in the past 12 months. Please indicate the number of times the rider has ridden in total (0-10) Little Experience, (10-20) Some Experience, (20-50) Average Experience, (50-100) Experienced, (100+) Very Experienced, and please be honest about your ability to Trot &/or Canter.
  3. It should be accepted that horse riding is a dangerous activity. The rider recognises that horses are living animals. Each horse has different nature and temperament. The rider recognises that there is an element of risk in riding horses and that the horses may act in an unpredictable manner, particularly if frightened, hurt or in any way mistreated.
  4. The rider acknowledges that a horse may quicken its pace, trot or canter on the return journey to its stable, yard or truck.
  5. Approved helmets are provided however the rider acknowledges that no helmet can protect the wearer against all possible impacts. Knowing these inherent risks including the use of approved helmets, the rider accepts HWH Stables, its owners, local council, agents and employees do not accept any liability for any accident, damage, injury to the rider, spectator or any other person or property whatsoever and guardian of minor children indemnifies HWH Stables against any claim that may be made by such minor rider.
  6. Certain risks are normally involved including both not limited to collisions and falls, HWH Stables relies on the details provided as to riding experience and age in selecting horses. HWH Stables makes no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied as to the nature, habits and disposition of any horse supplied.
  7. The Rider alone accepts full responsibility for the control of the horse provided and its safety and agrees not to permit fast or uncontrolled riding or galloping and will only ride in a safe and controlled manner.
  8. Jumping is not allowed unless authorised in writing and accompanied by an instructor.
  9. The Rider will not permit the horse elected for their personal use to be exchanged with other riders or permit any other person other than the selected rider to ride the horse or permit the doubling of any other person, including children unless authorised and accompanied by an instructor.
  10. The Rider will be responsible for the correct adjustment of all harness, saddle, stirrups and helmet prior to and during the ride. The saddle girth must be kept tight at all times. The girth must be checked every hour to ensure tension is maintained. The Rider shall request the ride attendant to assist in the adjustment of all equipment prior to and during the ride if necessary. The girth is not to be loosened or the saddle removed when resting the horse.
  11. All accidents or injury to persons or damage to property or loss of equipment must be reported to HWH Stables management before leaving HWH Stables or the location of the ride. If this is not possible due to injury than such report must be made in writing within 14 days of the date of the injury, damage or loss. All claims must be made within 12 months of the date of injury, damage or loss and it agreed that any claim not made within the 12 month period will be waived.
  12. All instructions by HWH Stable staff must be observed, please note that all rides and lessons are conducted using English. All relevant signs will be read and obeyed at all locations used by HWH Stables. If any rider does not comply with the conditions set out in this application or in the opinion of HWH Stables engages in misconduct, discourteous or hazardous riding than the ride may be cancelled by HWH Stables and HWH Stables need not refund any monies charged.
  13. All Photography & Videos remain the property of HWH Stables and may be used in the commercial promotion of HWH Stables. All photography and videos are provided to HWH Stables’ guests at no charge and will only be delivered to a Facebook account. Additional charges will be incurred for special requests including large email file transfers and the purchase of storage devices.

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